My site at is missing

I have been writing a blog post everyday for five years, and posted it to but today that site just gives me a blank page. That implies that all of my nearly 2000 posts have vanished. I was looking forward to hitting a total over the years of 900,000 page views this week, but now I simply don’t know what is happening. The site claimed to have a very robust back-up plan. There was a little blip a couple of months ago and I did do a site backup at that time, but I have no idea how robust that will turn out to be. One other time I did an online backup, but when I viewed the code half of my site turned out to be their code which was difficult to eliminate.

There was some sort of failure at the wordpress site today, and there was some conversation about that on wordpress site status

At 10PM Pacific time we lost complete connectivity to our datacenter in San Antonio, Texas.  This loss of connectivity briefly caused degraded performance in the other data centers.  We quickly resolved that issue and San Antonio has been removed from production while network engineers continue to troubleshoot the loss in connectivity. performance has returned to normal for the most part.

I will wait until tomorrow before resuming my daily blog, but if it isn’t operating then I will be forced to do something else.

Making a working HTML-CSS webpage with Notepad

Almost, the shortest possible HTML document controlled by CSS is shown here:

<html> <head> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”your1st.css”> <title> This is Hi. </title> </head> <body> <h1>Headline for Hi</h1> <p>Hi this is some text 1</p> </body></html>

Type the bold document above in Notepad and save as CSS-works.html with file type “.html”. It will link to the document we named your1st.css. Type the bold material below in a new Notepad, and save it is as  your1st.css. The name is arbitrary but it must be saved with file type “.css”:

h1 {color:red;} p {color:blue;}

Those two documents are easily created in Notepad. A video showing them is posted at YouTube.

Just for fun here is a really short html document controlled by css.

CSS example

An example of a very short working CSS document.

Probaway Helps you understand CSS Cascading Style Sheets.