How to control how much you eat.

The reason Americans are getting fat is because they eat too much food. All of the fancy arguments about different kinds of food not creating fat have been proven to be false by rigorous scientific tests. Ultimately it comes down to one thing – if you eat more calories than you burn off every day for a week you will gain weight. It is that simple, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise must present you with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Telling you that someone eating a special diet is losing weight isn’t evidence, but putting a person in an airtight container for a couple of weeks and carefully monitoring their energy input and output and carefully weighing them is evidence. And those types of experiments have been carried out and they have proved conclusively that a week of excess caloric intake will lead to weight gain and less caloric input than expenditure will lead to weight loss.

So the new Probaway Midway Diet seeks to put you in control of how much food you eat by training you to pause in the middle of a meal and say a brief bon mot. This little statement isn’t to some unknown entity, like an external spirit; it is to yourself. The statement can vary to fit the circumstance but it would be something like this.

I am thankful that this bounty of food has become available to me. I realize that there is more food available here than I will need for my well being until my next meal and therefore I will choose to stop eating when I have exactly enough to bring me to that next meal and no more.

That little statement made midway in a meal to yourself will caution you to taper off your eating as you approach what you need. This statement can be honed to be more specific to the meal before you. With a little practice you can estimate just how much of each item would bring you up to the ideal meal which is several hours in the future. This statement can and should be refined over the next several years to meet the changing circumstances we will come to face. I hope to poeticize this statement to make it more memorable, but the basic idea is that you get your eating under your voluntary control by having it brought to your attention at the middle of every meal.
Eat exactly enough at every meal — not one bite more or less.

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